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82-10-53163419(in korea 010-5316-3419)





Room Rates
  • ㆍMixed room 18,000 won per persons(Use not Air Conditioner)
  • ㆍSingle room 30,000 won only one person
  • ㆍPrivate room 35,000 won(an ensuite bathroom)


  • ㆍIf you want price off when you check in pay in a lump sum.
       - If you stay over 10 day, you can get 5% off
       - If you stay over 20 day, you can get 10% off
       - If you stay over 30 day, you can get 15% off
  • ㆍAll rooms has a air conditioner
Attention Hwaseong Guesthouse Guests
  • ㆍAir conditioning and lighting in your room power. Please turn off before you go out.
  • ㆍIf the air conditioning has a problem please contact Hwaseong Guesthouse manager.
  • ㆍPlease check the hot water before taking a shower.
  • ㆍf you use the coin-operated laundry facilities for the first time, please ask us for help.
  • ㆍIf you want to watch a variety of events in Suwon, please ask us for information.
       (Haenggung Square has a variety of events. )
  • ㆍTravel information, transportation information, please ask us at any time.
  • ㆍComputer, Internet, Wireless Internet, Kitchen, Coin laundry, Refrigerator, Toilet, Showers are all communal use